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Jul. 2019 Start oil Production in UAE Haliba Field
Sep. 2018 Start oil Production from Canada Black Gold project
Jul. 2016 Start gas Production in Korea Donghae-2 Field
Nov. 2014 Move Headquarter (Anyang, Gyeonggi-do > Ulsan), Start the 4th Oil Stockpile Plan (~2025)
Jan. 2014 Launch joint venture, 'Korea Oil Terminal', for Northeast Asia Oil Hub (KET)
Jun. 2013 Complete storage facilities in Yeosu (OKYC) for Northeast Asia Oil Hub
Dec. 2012 Revise Korea National Oil Corporation Act(Increase statutory capital/10 trillion won > 13 trillion won)
Jun. 2012 Acquire EP Energy of USA
Dec. 2011 Start 'Economical Gas Station' service (Open 1st station)
Apr. 2011 Acquire Anadarko of USA (KNOC Eagle Ford Corporation)
Mar. 2011 Acquire Altius of Kazakhstan
Sep. 2010 Acquire Dana of UK
May. 2010 Complete the 3rd Oil Stockpile Plan(Complete construction of total 146 million barrels of stockpiling capacity)
Department Contacts Updated
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